Adding Pieces to the Precision Health Puzzle: Alliance Effectiveness in the World of Digitized Health Data

The vision of precision health–more efficient and personalized care–is starting to become a reality today. Leveraging digitized health data with artificial intelligence enables clinicians to understand all facets of a patient's health journey and helps them customize and personalize care plans. Many facets of this vision are well suited to the strengths that can be delivered through strategic alliances. Combining data from multiple platforms, developing advanced data standardization, and extracting insights across multiple diagnostic modalities are just some of the pieces that must fall into place to advance patient care.

The presenters will highlight how a large and established company, GE Healthcare, and a small healthcare technology company, SOPHiA GENETICS, have partnered to create an ecosystem of digitized health data with the associated algorithms to deploy insights efficiently within the clinical workflow. This session will also demonstrate how diversity can be leveraged through alliance best practices to deliver partnership value and how a go-to-marketing strategy early in the partnership developed key customer relationships to drive innovation. The presenters will explore some of the challenges faced along the way and the mechanisms used to overcome barriers to partnership progress.

Key concepts discussed will include:


Ragen Lester, CA-AM
Senior Director, Alliance Management

Ragen serves on the business development team at SOPHiA GENETICS as the senior director of alliance management. The team is responsible for a wide variety of healthcare technology and genomics partnerships, including; co-development, co-commercialization, technology innovation and licensing.

With over 25 years of experience in the biotech industry, she brings strategic partnering, biomarker research, life science sales, diagnostic marketing and in vitro diagnostic product development experience to her role. As a product management leader, Ragen has successfully launched IVD clinical diagnostic products into diverse global markets. At SOPHiA GENETICS., Ragen leads strategic alliances for healthcare technology and life science research including the active alliance with GE Healthcare.

Ragen holds a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and cell biology. She also holds the Certification of Achievement-Alliance Management (CA-AM) from the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (2019) and has a great interest in utilizing AM best practices to drive value and resolve challenges with strategic partnering. Ragen is passionate about advancing data driven medicine and is thrilled to be a member of the incredible ASAP community.

Lynn Richard, CSAP
Chief Alliance Officer & Vice President, Global and Strategic Alliances
GE Healthcare

Lynn Richard has more than 25 years of experience in technology and consulting roles serving government, telco, financial services, healthcare, and technology industries. Leveraging extensive experience in partner optimization and channel strategies, Lynn is expert in driving business expansion, creating alliances and partnerships which drive incremental revenue, business development and mergers and acquisitions.

Lynn Richard is presently Chief Alliances Officer and Vice President, Global and Strategic Alliances at General Electric Healthcare. Lynn is responsible for designing, leading, and driving strategy and execution with strategic alliances and partners, including both technology and pharmaceutical alliances. Lynn leads collaborations with some of the top technology, pharmaceutical and services companies in the world. Before joining GE Healthcare, Lynn was an alliance leader in Unisys Corporation and held several senior sales, marketing, and alliances leadership roles at IBM.

Lynn holds a Master of Business Administration, Marketing and Management from Murray State University and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Business Administration from Murray State University. He also received a Graduate Degree in Banking from University of Colorado where he won the Scholastic Achievement Award. He is a regular contributor to and presenter at Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals conferences and is a Certified Strategic Alliance Professional (CSAP). He presently serves as a Board of Directors Member of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals.