ASAP Alliance and Partnership Roundtables

Tools and Techniques to Improve Collaboration

As alliances and partnerships are becoming more complex, the tools and techniques needed to collaborate and maintain alignment must evolve. Participants will discuss and share examples of ASAP, industry, and individual resources that alliance managers can take advantage of to be successful.


Samuel Gosselin
Senior Director | Marinus Pharmaceuticals

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Drug Development, Education, and Communications

Creating synergies between pharma, PAGs, and agencies is a critical component to the success of partnering. Discuss recent FDA guidance and the tools and recommendations for how pharma teams can be inclusive when considering partners with which to collaborate.


Angela Labrozzi
Channel Partner Director | Within3

Strategic Perspectives on Multilateral Alliance Models

Multilateral alliance models are becoming more common in the rapidly evolving drug development ecosystem. Discuss how alliance managers can accelerate new therapeutic concepts by leveraging new players such as non-traditional VCs, CROs/CMOs, Digital Enablers, and patient advocacy groups, while exploring what works and doesn't in these arrangements.


Ben Siddall
Principal | Vantage Partners

Geopolitical Dynamics and Post-Pandemic Culture Shifts

Participants will discuss how companies are adapting to attrition and new ways of working, and how regional nuances and the current geo-political climate are affecting the ability to innovate, advance research, and focus on patient centricity.


Amy Tatsutani, PhD, MBA
Executive Director, Alliance Management | Gilead Sciences

Creative Partnering for Managing Alliance Life Cycles

Discuss approaches for supporting partnerships in various stages of development. Topics may include connecting start-ups with established partners when funding isn't available, balancing early-stage versus long-development timelines, and raising capital for low-risk technologies to blend commercial and pipeline initiatives.


Kevin Little, CSAP
Senior Alliance Director | Novo Nordisk

The Alliance Management Career Path Journey

Discuss important resources and tools for honing skills and the important milestones when furthering your alliance management career growth.


Katherine Kendrick, CSAP
Head of Alliance Management | Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Maintaining Critical Documentation, Knowledge, and Tech Transfer in Alliances

When key records or essential materials aren't maintained, it can result in major issues when key players change, filing for licensing, or even transitioning through M&A. Discuss examples and share lessons learned on how alliance managers can be better prepared and avoid loss of information as the alliance evolves over time.


Nina Liu, CA-AM
Director, Global Alliance Management | Simcere Pharmaceuticals

Resolving Conflict in Alliances and Partnerships

Conflict is inevitable. How can you move from conflict to constructive outcomes? Share your experiences and techniques for anticipating, addressing, and resolving conflict in alliances and partnerships.


Christine Carberry, CSAP
Principal | Carberry Consulting