Target of Choice?: A Biotech Blueprint for Big Pharma Alliance Success

Medium-size down to small biotechnology firms rely heavily on successful alliances with larger pharmaceutical companies. Fortunately for patients, the level of innovation in these firms has never been greater. But for biotechs, the bad news may be that pharma companies have limited time, funding, attention, and other resources to commit to such alliances, considering the large number of smaller partners in their overall ecosystem.

This session will help you understand how small and medium-size biotechs can become an attractive "target of choice" for Big Pharma, and then develop and maintain the relationship to keep the larger company deeply invested in joint success. Through interviews conducted with executives from biotech, large pharmaceutical, and investment firms, combined with BTD's expertise in alliances and M&A and ASAP's extensive thought capital, the presenters have developed a set of best practices and a new white paper specifically for the 2022 ASAP BioPharma Conference to help attendees create a blueprint that will position their own organizations for alliance success.


Nick Palmer

Nick Palmer is an internationally recognized expert on alliance management and has three decades of experience helping clients accelerate growth through strategic alliances, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures in energy, pharmaceutical and tech. Nick was an original ASAP Board member and lead partner for Accenture's Alliances & JV Practice. Now as a Partner at BTD, Nick's immediate focus is on bringing M&A practices and artificial intelligence tools to alliance management.