Session 111
Cross-Cultural Alliances: How to Collaborate Across Continents

While many of us have spent the last year and half close to home, the number of alliances in the pharma/biotech industry that span international boundaries has only continued to grow. Combined with the growing adoption of digital meeting and collaboration platforms, many find themselves on the "front-line" of trying to navigate at times drastically different cultural norms and ways of working.

Join Vantage Partners for a highly interactive "Master Class" in how to optimize collaboration in a cross-cultural context. Together we will review the research, share experiences, and explore how to tailor common alliance management tools and frameworks to specific cultural contexts.

We look forward to fostering open and honest dialogue about how to manage differences across continents and sharing tips and insights about how to not just handle these situations, but to flourish in them.

Key takeaways:


Brian Blancke, PhD
Senior Consultant
Vantage Partners

Brian Blancke Ph.D. is a senior consultant at Vantage Partners, a Boston based consulting and training firm. He is an instructional designer and trainer in negotiation, relationship management, and influence. In this capacity, he has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies across many industries to design soft skill development programs for individual contributors, managers and executives.

Dr. Blancke is also adjunct faculty at Bay Path University's Master's in Leadership and Negotiation program, where he teaches a course on three key topics of negotiation–emotions, trust and culture. Prior to Bay Path, Dr. Blancke taught in Creighton University's Masters in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution program.

Besides training and teaching, Dr. Blancke conducts research and writes on developing mastery in negotiation and conflict resolution through developing multidimensional practice. He has published articles and chapters in Conflict Resolution Quarterly, Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution, PON Books, and Jossey-Bass.

Dr. Blancke holds a Ph.D. in Social Science and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Conflict Resolution from Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.

Sam Stewart
Engagement Leader
Vantage Partners

Sam is an Engagement Leader at Vantage Partners, where his focus is on organizational effectiveness, change leadership, and strategy execution. Sam is passionate about helping leaders get more from their people, and about helping people get more from their leaders. He frequently works with leadership teams across industries to design, build, and lead high-performing teams and organizations.

Sam is a graduate of the University of Colorado and the Yale School of Management's Accelerated Management Program.

Selected publications: