Session 107
An Alliance-centric Business Model to Foster Innovation in Pharma

Drug/device combination products are a necessity for treating chronic diseases with injectable therapies. These products empower patients and offer greater convenience for treatments. At the same time, creating such products requires skill and knowledge that are relatively removed from typical drug development and thus are typically enabled through partnerships. In addition, there has been minimal innovation in the field of needle-based drug delivery and the needle & syringe as a medical device is relatively the same as when it was invented by Charles Pravaz, in France and Alexander Wood, in Edinburgh around 1853.

Portal Instruments has recognized the opportunity to develop a new form of drug delivery system for biopharma that is needle-free, safe, and easy to use. Furthermore, an alliance-centric business model could enable such an innovation to be disseminated within biopharma while also providing a clear path to a sustainable business model for the young startup. The device developed by Portal is a computer-controlled needle-free system issued from MIT research that gives the freedom to patients to self-inject their medicines with a modern and approachable device. Clinical studies have demonstrated that it is well tolerated and preferred by patients over a traditional needle & syringe.

At the same time, innovation is hard to accomplish because it requires change. In particular, for regulated drug/device combination products innovation requires various stakeholders with a deep and wide breadth of knowledge to collaborate and embrace that change. To achieve its vision of creating a "needle-free world," Portal decided to strive for being the "most easy company to work with" and truly embrace the mission of its partners to deliver superior medicines to patients.

This talk will explore the following:


Patrick Anquetil, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Portal Instruments

Patrick Anquetil, Ph.D. is Portal Instrument's Chief Executive Officer. He brings more than 20 years of experience building world-class teams and leading high-tech / tough-tech bioengineering companies from the lab to the marketplace. Prior to founding Portal, he was co-founder of SynapDx, an autism diagnostic company based on RNA expression analysis, and Aretais, a venture in the field of blood glucose monitoring leveraging advances in Coherent Anti-stokes Raman Spectroscopy. Dr. Anquetil began his career as a science and nanotechnology equity research analyst at Susquehanna International Group authoring and marketing equity research reports to hedge funds and portfolio managers. Dr. Anquetil holds a doctorate in bio-instrumentation from MIT, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a master's degree from the ETH in Zurich and the University of Tokyo. His scientific work has appeared in peer-reviewed publications as well as mainstream media, including MIT Technology Review, Wired Magazine, PBS, and CNBC.