Session 103
Digital Maturity and the Evolving Role of Biopharma Alliance Management

The decade ahead amplifies the need for strong alliance management capabilities in the biopharma sector. Innovation cycles continue to accelerate. Alliance portfolios grow in size, diversity, and complexity as business models evolve rapidly.

As the pandemic has shown, now is the time to think more broadly about the competitive potential of collaboration. Being a partner of choice is no longer a luxury it is a necessity to attract and execute on the best R&D and commercialization opportunities in highly competitive global markets.

Yet how well are alliance management functions in biopharma equipped to lead their organizations as they compete to capitalize on these trends? Digital maturity of alliance management is a key element. Based on the results of the allianceboard Alliance Management Digital Maturity Index survey, we explain the impact of digitizing alliance management in biopharma organizations, and we provide a roadmap for organizations to get started.

In this session you will learn about:


Louis Rinfret, PhD
Founder and CEO

Louis Rinfret is founder and CEO of allianceboard, the alliance management platform. Louis has over two decades of experience in the software industry moving from technical and product management roles to leading business units and strategy for organizations ranging from start-ups and research institutes to multi-nationals such as SAP Business Objects and Expedia CruiseShipCenters. Combining his passions for technology and alliance management, Louis is on a mission to empower alliance managers to succeed with their strategic alliances.

Louis has been active in managing, teaching about and researching strategic alliances for the past 15 years and has been a member of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) since 2005. Louis holds a PhD in Strategy from Lancaster University (UK) where he wrote a thesis on the performance of strategic alliances.

Louis is an avid trail runner and when he is not at his desk you will probably find him training for the next race with his wife and two daughters.

Michael Roch, CA-AM
Chief Commercial Officer

Michael Roch is the Chief Commercial Officer of allianceboard, the alliance management platform. Michael loves helping organizations succeed with their partnership-based business models and has been working alongside partnerships, alliances and joint ventures in the knowledge services, technology, power generation and real estate sectors for most of his career as a consultant, attorney and entrepreneur.

Prior to joining allianceboard as Louis' partner, he served as Co-CEO Europe of a 4,000-member platform-based ecosystem originated in Australia. Michael also was co-founder and CEO of a London-based management consulting firm focused on partnerships and global alliances; within nine years, the firm served market leaders in more than 40 countries.

Michael has been a member of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals since 2016 and holds ASAP's CAAM certification. He holds an MBA and Juris Doctor from the University of Denver (USA) and is currently working on his DBA on coopetition management at Grenoble École de Management (France).

Michael's passion are music, tennis and skiing; he's an active member of Lions International. He lives in Zurich, Switzerland, with his wife and their most recent adoption, a Chocolate Labrador.