Session 501
When Successful Alliances Continue to Expand: Leveraging Experience and Opportunities

Alliances are maturing with many success stories. Companies are leveraging successful partnerships by expanding collaborations with additional programs and broadening to new therapeutic areas. This panel will share experiences about the long-term Ionis-Biogen and Halozyme-Roche partnerships, how they have expanded over time, and what strategies have been used to drive efficiencies and address partnership challenges.

After a successful seven-years, Biogen and Ionis expanded their strategic collaboration over six contracts, each one increasing in scope and value. Most recently, a new ten-year agreement to develop antisense drugs for neurological diseases under a $1 billion upfront deal represents one of the most significant discovery stage collaborations in the industry, spanning over 30 programs.

The over twelve-year partnership between Roche and Halozyme dates back to a 2006 global collaboration and licensing agreement for the ENHANZE® drug delivery technology. Roche was one of Halozyme's first partners to utilize recombinant human hyaluronidase PH20 (rHuPH20) to facilitate subcutaneous administration across multiple development programs and has led to worldwide commercialization of two products. Most recently, the two companies expanded their relationship with a new multi-target licensing agreement in October 2018.

Key takeaways include:


Amy Berkley, CA-AM, PhD
Executive Director, Alliance Management

Amy has been in Alliance Management for over 15 years including alliance roles in start-up biotech companies, Halozyme and now at Ionis. She has led collaborations in pharma, biotech and academic institutions in multiple therapeutic areas that span from early discovery to post-approval. At Ionis, Amy leads multiple alliance partners, including a commercial affiliate, to rapidly drive Ionis antisense drugs to patients. Amy has interest in bridging the inevitable differences in business process between large pharma and biotech companies and building alliance capabilities to fit the growing number and scope of collaborations in each company.


Ambreen Farook, MBA, CA-AM
Senior Director, Alliance Management & Program Lead

Ambreen has over 10 years of bio pharmaceutical and drug development industry experience in managing multiple collaborations in Biopharma, Biotech and Academic Institutions in multiple therapeutic areas at Pfizer and Halozyme.In her current role at Halozyme, she is managing multiple alliances in global commercial and R&D stages to provide strategic target program leadership, oversee successful execution of partner's pipeline development programs and ensure supply of drug substance materials. She is currently managing the Roche collaboration which utilizes Halozyme's ENHANZE® drug delivery technology co-formulated with Roche's multi-billion-dollar Drug Products for subcutaneous administration which is available to patients in more than 100 countries.

Ambreen has interest in developing alliance strategies built on a foundation of trust and capabilities of partnerships that improve the management of complex alliance relationships.

Susan Green
Sr. Director, R&D Strategic Collaboration

Susan leads the R&D Strategic Collaborations group at Biogen where she has responsibility for the entire portfolio of R&D alliances.This includes a broad range of collaborations ranging from smaller alliances around single products to larger multi-target pipeline and platform technology collaborations.

Over the 12 years that Susan has been at Biogen, she's worked in a variety of roles including oversight of the research portfolio and leadership of several development programs, several of which were partnered programs.

Susan is execution-focused and enjoys solving the challenges and complexities inherent in collaborations to drive pipelines forward and to bring innovative medicines to patients in need.

Steve Jones
Director, Technical Product Management and Strategy
Genentech, a member of the Roche Group

Steve has over 25 years of pharmaceutical industry experience in Biologics Manufacturing, Global Supply Chain and Technical Product Strategy. In his current role as a Technical Product Leader, Steve is responsible for translating Product Lifecycle business strategies into end to end technical product strategies and objectives for Global Pharma Technical Operations. He is currently responsible for two multi-billion-dollar products and a multi-target product that is part of a Strategic Alliance. He leads Global, Technical Operations cross-functional teams to establish and maintain supply chains to support product launch and lifecycle objectives to ensure supply to patients worldwide. As the Technical Product Leader for the collaboration with Halozyme, he is responsible for overseeing the successful execution of pipeline development programs, supporting expansion of the collaboration in new target development programs and ensuring commercial products co-formulated with Halozyme's ENHANZE® recombinant human hyaluronidase PH20 enzyme is appropriately supplied for the co-formulated drug products reaching patients in 100 + countries.

Bryan Tayefeh
Director, Alliance Management
Ionis Pharmaceuticals

Bryan has been at Ionis for over 10 years and been an Alliance Manager for the last 6 years. Bryan has been managing the Biogen collaboration which is Ionis's largest and most successful collaboration. The collaboration spans over 30 programs ranging in every stage from early research to commercialization.

Bryan also serves as the business lead for Ionis's neurology franchise in which he plays a key role in business development and commercial assessments. One of Bryan's main interest in alliance management is finding business solutions in his collaborations to enable the science that produces lifesaving medicines.